Cuisine in the Dark at QAANS

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Latest Dining concept in Johor Bahru City.
Customers will dine in a completely dark environment.
Experience 90 minutes to rest your eyes and exercise your senses.
Feel your senses through taste/smell/touch & sound.

At Cuisine In The Dark QAANS, customers will experience the world in the dark.
In a dark environment, there be no light source.
You can concentrate on the food on the tip of your tongue with full attention from the blind.

The attentive server in the restaurant was recommended by the blind association.
Server serving the customers are visually impaired or blind.

Upon arrival @cuisineinthedarkatqaans
The host will present a welcome drink
Let you guess what ingredients are used in the beverage.
Next, you will also play a small games to stimulate your sensory ability.
Before entering the pitch dark restaurant,
mobile phones / watches / bags into a safe kept locker with a key, before entering the dark dining restaurant environment.

In a dark dining environment before all the action starts
The blind server will give a detailed explanation to the customer regarding meal is served and place on the table the waiter will inform the customer the location placement of the meal and the shape of the container.
should there are any questions or unexpected situations during the meal experience, you can safely reach out to the server for their attentive assistant
In fact, the total pitch dark meal experience was fascinating and full with lots of suspense in what you are going to taste and reaching out to your taste sense. Truly an amazing experience!

The menu will change every two months.
Booking price RM118Nett / WalkIn price RM138Nett
The meals includes starter / soup / main course and dessert
And not forgetting the attentive blind server serving you personally.
Cuisine in the Dark at QAANS
No. 67, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi
80400 Johor Bahru
07-336 5065
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