DT Video Challenge


31st July 2016 (following the Southeast Asia time)



Create a video depicting a story whether it be comedy, drama or an inspirational video. Include a small explanation in the description of your entry explaining the story of the video.



Upload your finish video one Youtube with the title DTVC (in Caps) in front of your video title.

This is a Johor only video competition and open to those whatever your age may be.



-Your video must be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes

-All entries must be in English or Chinese.

-All entries must not be about politics or any sensitive issues.

– You may submit a maximum of 1 entry

-All participants must be subscribed to the DT Productions Youtube Channel and JB2020 Facebook page or will not be counted as an entry.

– You MUST include a link in the description of your final submission leading to a ‘mid-development’ source (image or video) showing the entry is your original creation

– No pornographic or explicit material of any kind, violence must be PG13 and not too gruesome

– You may not submit a video using stolen artwork or imagery

How Are Winners Selected

-All entries will be screened by DT Productions Crew for adherence to competition rules.

-The video entry that receive the most likes on Youtube will be selected as the winner, followed by second and third.


1st PRIZE: RM 150

2nd PRIZE: RM 100

3rd PRIZE: RM 50


When submitting an artwork to the challenge of the month by following the competition specifications and entry guidelines, participants acknowledge that they have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.



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