Terms & Conditions

DT Productions Video Challenge Terms & Conditions

Entry to the DT Video Challenge is purely voluntary. Participants agree that they will not seek remuneration of any kind for their submission’s inclusion or use on the DT Productions YouTube Channel.

Dt Productions will, to the best of its ability, include any and all entries submitted to the DT Productions Video Challenge, but participants acknowledge that their entry may also not be included if there are technical difficulties or any questionable content.

Participants to the DT Video Challenge grant DT Productions the right to publish and sell their entry/entries to the competition in any digital of physical form, whereupon the participant will be credited as the creator of the content by their username or account on Youtube, and with all profits returning to DT Productions for the use of any future DT Video Challenge. DT Productions will do its best to contact the participants before any such publishing of their work, both to inform them and ensure agreeable credit is given.

All fan depicted characters or images must be credited to the original owners of the IP and holders of copyright or trademark. Any questionable or illegal entries are solely the fault of the participants. Participants to the DT Video Challenge acknowledge that if their work breaches copyright of the Intellectual Property of any other party and that party pursues legal action, the participant in question is solely liable for the content in question and all legal ramifications as a result of their participation.

When submitting an artwork to the challenge of the month by following the competition specifications and entry guidelines, participants acknowledge that they have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

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