TIP The ice cream project

Since 2014, TIP has done more than refine an old tradition. Guided by an international palate, showcase and employ ala minute techniques using Liquid Nitrogen to quick freeze dairy into freshly churned ice cream, creating the best texture and sealing in as much flavors from quality ingredients @tip_theicecreamproject can get their hands on.

@tip_theicecreamproject makes everything in small batches from our home base in Johor Bahru City Centre, Malaysia. To achieve optimal flavor, all @tip_theicecreamproject ice cream are carefully curated and cooked in house, ensuring every scoop consumed is well worth your calories.
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31 Jalan Dhoby 80000 JB.
Takeaways and Deliveries
+607 207 2021
1-106 R&F Mall 80300, JB.

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